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Here's what teens themselves would like you to know about St. Michael's Conference: 

“I felt much happier than I have for a long time, laughing and worshiping God with my friends. I really felt that he was there, saying, ‘Enjoy this moment’.”

“Everyone has fun. No matter what, we are there for each other!”

“It’s like a spiritual booster shot, a great opportunity to learn and grow in your faith with God.”

“Wow! It is the best part of summer!”

“If you’re not Anglo-Catholic, it will rock your world and make you

really think. And if you ARE an Anglo-Catholic, it will still rock your

world and make you think!”

 “It’s the best place ever! You will love it!”

“It is one of the things I’m most thankful for in my life!”

“A wonderful experience and all people should give it a chance

because it’s not ‘just another church camp.”

 “….the fun-est, craziest, wildest Christian place you’ll ever go!”

“It changed and helped me so much!”

“I came indifferent. I left inspired!”    

“St. Mike’s is that kind of conference where, when you first get there, you’re not really sure whether you want to be there. But at the end you realize that you belong here and  there isn’t any place else you want to be . . “

 ‘Go there for you!”

“It will change the way you look at God!”

“An experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life!”

“It is the best place to come for spiritual growth. I have made many friends here that I will keep for years to come.”

“It lit a fire. I want to learn more about Christ and the Church!”

"St. Mike’s is like going to Heaven for a week!"

"It changed everything!"

"It’s (St. Mike’s) is an addiction. The good kind though. It’s an addiction to God!"

"It is totally worth it and you would have to come to see for yourself! (But I am going anyways, whether you do, or not!)"

 "It is a memorable and amazing experience you won’t ever forget."

“Lately I have been really slacking, not living a Godly life as much as I should be. This year several of the sermons really made me realize how much. I’m really going to change a lot this year.”

 “Now, when I go to church I actually mean what I’m saying, not just going through the motion.”

 “I came here a borderline atheist due to events in my life, but this week . . .

 l looked into the eyes of God!".